Thursday, November 10, 2011

A bit darker...

The smile is bright with eyes to match
A band-aid that gets me through every rough patch
Emptiness and sadness, a hollow shell
A loathsome existence in a living Hell
Never at peace, always afraid
Shallow with friends, superficially made
Easing the pain is a lifelong goal
Soothing my tired, writhing soul
Always climbing over the fence
To find the other side just as intense
Looking at the grass, I know that it’s green
For some reason all I see is unkempt and unclean
Never at rest, worrying my life away
Desperate for the peace I hope to find someday
I know that I’m loved with God given talent to spare
I do as I dream and live as I dare
Still nothing is anything. It’s all for naught
Wisdom and courage never found, just sought
Longing is everything. Anticipating what’s next
I get there to find it’s not what I expect
To stop is to fail so I do what I must
Work hard and maintain and hide my disgust
I want to be somewhere my enemies won’t see
How can I when my greatest enemy is me?

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful but heartwrenching depiction of internal despair...