Thursday, November 10, 2011

For a Friend

I wish you could see yourself for just what you are
A mirror’s reflection only goes so far
Your waters run deep and your pain is palpable
You don’t see what I do in you as a whole
Your words say you’re fine but your eyes tell another tale
They tell me your soul is wounded and frail
You seem to be lost, askew from your path
An earthquake hit and you are a victim of aftermath
I hear your words & know what they really mean
I can relate on levels felt but not seen
You say seeing is believing, but this is only partly true
Your outward appearance does not match what is inside of you
I do not want you to hurt; you are worth so much more
When opportunity strikes, you tend to close the door
Open it & walk through; you will get what you need
Leave the past behind & allow yourself to succeed
Let go of doubt and insecurities
You have nothing to fear except missed opportunities
I cannot do this for you but if I could, I would
I would also take your pain so you would feel as happy as you should
You will never move forward if you stand in place
You will get ahead if you just move along at your own pace
Your intentions are pure and you have so much love
Your insecurities overshadow what you are truly capable of
I believe in you as I believe there is a God
I know that there is more behind your protective façade
Fear of failure disguised as resigned complacency
It may get you by for now but it’s not where you should be
Visions of grandeur come and go like ideas that never begin
Please don’t let what should be become what could have been

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