Sunday, October 7, 2012

Seven years gone

Climbing up the hill, I see the summit
This years' long battle, I'm almost done with it

I reach the peak and stagger to my feet
So glad at this moment I never admitted defeat

I ask for some water from the large canteen
I am told this is impossible; on myself I must lean

No time to rest; another few feet to go
Ignore the pain and exhaustion, "you have to, you know."

Disgusted with myself, I know I must give more
Dig deep and find more than I've ever given before

My best isn't good enough, so I will need to do better
Ignore the seizures and tears and get it together

I climb until I have no fight left in me
Then I climb some more; surely they will see

The effort I've put forth and the results produced
I simply keep on moving as more seizures are induced

Then they push me off; I'm falling to my death
I don't try to fight it; I've already my last breath

Without them I am nothing; no point in getting up
I know now that I'm worthless; a breath wasting lump

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I never thought it would happen, never be mine again
Through God all things are possible; He's helping me to win

I didn't understand all the misery I'd endured
Maybe I never will, but my trust is in the Lord

He said he would never forsake me, and He never will
I'm blessed beyond measure - He knows and loves me still

I've learned to let go and give Him full reign
I'm happier than ever; nothing fake, nothing to feign

We talk every day now, and His work in my life shows
My trust, my smile, my happiness; each day it grows

I attribute all that I have now to the one who gave his life
Sacrificed his for mine, and his father shared the strife

God has a perfect plan for me; in time it will unveil
Until then I will enjoy this life, my blessings as they assail

And remain faithful to the one who took my place
And never forget this peace and joy, my position and my faith