Sunday, October 7, 2012

Seven years gone

Climbing up the hill, I see the summit
This years' long battle, I'm almost done with it

I reach the peak and stagger to my feet
So glad at this moment I never admitted defeat

I ask for some water from the large canteen
I am told this is impossible; on myself I must lean

No time to rest; another few feet to go
Ignore the pain and exhaustion, "you have to, you know."

Disgusted with myself, I know I must give more
Dig deep and find more than I've ever given before

My best isn't good enough, so I will need to do better
Ignore the seizures and tears and get it together

I climb until I have no fight left in me
Then I climb some more; surely they will see

The effort I've put forth and the results produced
I simply keep on moving as more seizures are induced

Then they push me off; I'm falling to my death
I don't try to fight it; I've already my last breath

Without them I am nothing; no point in getting up
I know now that I'm worthless; a breath wasting lump