Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Here I am again, in a place I thought I'd left behind me
Running and running toward a destination I cannot see
For quite some time, I was doing so well
I'm on the ground again and I don't know where I fell
I stand up and move away, running from the shove
I'm unable to discern; is it from below, beside or above?
Feeling as though the walls are closing in on every side
Those parts of me that have healed have run off to hide
I need those parts to be whole and know that something is real
Refusing to accept that reality is this fear I feel
I have hope that there's more for me, much better than this
I can feel life passing me by; each moment is hit or miss
This is not something that I can experience again
A pain so deep, failure induced, it wipes away my grin
My smile is my trademark, always there, to brighten up the day
This is beyond the realm of anything I can smile away

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