Sunday, September 3, 2017

My Annabelle

You have been my core, with me at every turn.
What I know of selfless love, it's through you I learned.
I always said it was you and me against the world.
But now, the life we built together, has completely unfurled.
When our eyes first met, I knew that you were mine.
They brought you out, you looked around, saw me and made a beeline.
Tenacious, friendly and loving, our personalities matched.
We worked our way into each other's hearts, then we were latched.
My antenna eared bear cub, it almost seemed you tried to talk.
Those expressive eyes, wagging tail, funny way you'd sulk.
You were everything I never knew I'd need in life.
Up when I was up, sad when I was down, carrying me through anguish and strife.
Coming home to that black, fuzzy, happily wagging tail.
Lifted my spirits and always made me smile, without fail.
I held your face and kissed you, my pretty little girl.
Then onto the couch you'd go, laying in your Anna-ball curl.
Always a little lover, you weren't one to fight.
In confrontation, the other dog took the first and last bite.
Everybody's friend, you gave more than received.
Dispelled the, "evil Pitbull," myth that's so misperceived.
You touched so many lives with your love and charm.
Welcoming of all, even if someone meant you harm.
I thanked God often that he was letting me borrow you.
Then came the day He gave you wings, and back to heaven you flew.
My only hope is that my show of unconditional love made you cheery.
We will reunite in heaven where you're already waiting for me.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Life As A Means To An End

How do you write when your worth is gone
Blink, breathe, swallow, it's wrong
Inconsequential emptiness has become you
Hapless nightmares are all that's true
When you don't see the good, that makes you bad
Someone has it worse. Don't you dare feel sad!
You are to be what others expect
Failure to do so is your neglect
Make no mistake; you have no worth
You started dying immediately upon birth