Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Life As A Means To An End

How do you write when your worth is gone
Blink, breathe, swallow, it's wrong
Inconsequential emptiness has become you
Hapless nightmares are all that's true
When you don't see the good, that makes you bad
Someone has it worse. Don't you dare feel sad!
You are to be what others expect
Failure to do so is your neglect
Make no mistake; you have no worth
You started dying immediately upon birth


I don't think you'll ever see what I do
When I look at and think of you
You're the gold standard, the one to compare
All other guys to, and it's really unfair
You're on a pedestal, royalty in my mind
You stand alone, truly one of a kind
Never sell yourself short: you are a king
Deserving of the very best of everything
I truly admire the person that you are
Things you say, do, and have accomplished thus far
I needed a friend, and somehow you were found
Loyal to a fault, I'd like to keep you around